Why so cranky? Why not?

Why vote?
March 21, 2016
March 21, 2016

Why so cranky? Why not?


The December article expressed puzzlement about our crankiness. Here is a one-man, very personal answer.

Our so called leaders (business and political) express the intention to give away our currency, our independence and our head of state. Should I be laughing ?

Our dollar continues to be undervalued by some 20% below its purchasing power. Getting to the sunny spot has become unaffordable. Rejoice?

My money is being spent by the provincial premiers to place ads in the media to inform me that the provinces pay 84% of the healthcare system and those squirrels of the feds only 16 %. And so what? Kiddos: it is always my money you spend and your midget’s power games nauseate me.

And while on this subject, let us make it clear I do not give a hoot about provinces rights. A small country like Canada can be governed with a two tiers government: federal and municipal. Try it and I will laughing.

Our neighbor is intent on going to war to punish a state which refuses to obey United Nations resolutions. The same neighbor allow another state which ignores United Nations resolutions and keeps occupying territories which do not belong to them The neighbor also kindly provides more arms. Our government, the media ignore this situation. Should I be proud?

A rather mediocre ex-premier spends two years (at what cost ?) investigating the health care system. It comes back with the answer :”we need more money”. Jee, how profound. How comes in Quebec they say administration costs are 40% of the healthcare budget, but our worthy explorer tells us it is only 15% ? I know de-visu that in Nova Scotia the system is administered by a private corporation which got the contract some twenty five years ago, and … never again had to compete for the job. Maybe I should dance a jig!

Let us not mention guns. All hand guns in Canada have been registered for the last 70 years. Other guns were registered in a kind of messy way too. To clean up the act we spend 2 billion. The job could have been done with a couple of million and some stamps. I guess I should sing a Gregorian hymn of thanks to God.

The political parties are choosing new leaders. God help us: where did they find the candidates? At a garage sale?

The media and even our finance minister shed tears about the possible demise of a hockey club. The public purse should supply some badly needed pennies. Yes, to people who make a few million a year and to some manager who “lost” some three hundred million. Why can I not get a few million myself? I am cute too.

The hockey players are not the only one to want money from big daddy. Singers, dancers, painters, industrialists all need financial help. It must be this red blooded free market thing. Oh, my beloved Country!

The premier of my Province proudly tell us that he never smoked or drunk. Well, I would prefer to forgive him if a had indulged in these sins then having to put up with his total irrelevance.

And what about the CBC? First of all, I cannot see it. No signal. So I pay one of those satellite people to be allowed to see what I have already paid for to see (This sentence could have been written by Mr. Chretien himself). Now I can watch “Gone with the wind”. I mean I can watch some of it and lots of ads from the CBC informing me about the wonderful CBC programmes I will be able to see, as long as I will watch more ads about the CBC, … Is the CBC really so bad that not even a funeral parlor wants to advertise on it ?

Oh, I was forgetting bin Laden. That man! He managed – by buying a few economy class tickets – to destroy our most cherished individual rights, to create a brand new industry of “security”, to makes us waste hours to board a plane … and I had to give up my nails clipper. Let us catch him, bring him in, re-orient him and then give him the run of the economy.

And talking about economy we got the Big Five (banks). They want to merge so they can offer their services on the world scene – it must get boring after a while to just screw us. But the funny part is that the BIIG banks every time they do a BIIG thing they loose their shirts. Never mind they will come back and raise our checking fees. God save the Queen.

I also have a wonderful computer, with a wonderful software, which does all kind of wonderful things, freezing five times a day included.

My friends I am not cranky, I am considering moving to Mauritania: sunny, sandy and full of flies.


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