I feel I am getting crazy

March 12, 2016
Impotent society
March 12, 2016

I feel I am getting crazy


I feel I am getting crazy. Beams of hopes and waves of despair. Everywhere, my private and public life. The words of the wisest men on earth get ignored; the fools are followed.

In Rome 10 Nobel price winners join thousand across the world to ask for the elimination of the death penalty. The media, the public, the political leaders ignore them. In Johannesburg Nelson Mandela supported by pop singers – the modern idols – calls for a fight against Aids. In Washington the Congress has to think about delivering already promised fund. The American president sneaks into Baghdad like a thief, in the middle of the night, it is called a success-

I have built a small paradise. Nobody cares. I try to help, I hurt.

As Woody Allen said even paranoids have enemies. Could it be that not I but the world is crazy. Could it be that, when the signs of deterioration in our environment, in our society, in our morals are every day clearer we indeed refuse to act because “the cost to the economy is too high”. So we will die to save money? Whom will we leave it to? The monkeys, the ants? Or we will have killed them too – to save money.

Why did the last Pugwash meeting, calling for an end to the war to Iraq, get ignored? Which voices are the leaders following when they ignore the ones of our best citizens?

The world is beautiful, the human meanness obscene. We kill, torture, harass, demean. We waste brutalize, destroy. And we are proud of it. We enjoy doing it. We hoped in America, the democracy where politic was open, where a fearless press was keeping government honest. Where every man had rights. It was not true but there was enough truth in it to make it worth belaving.

America is now in the hands of paid soldiers, the way the roman empire become run by centurions and the Italian republic by mercenaries.

The sun is coming up, the sky is gaining colours. Maybe a last day of peace?

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