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March 11, 2016
March 12, 2016

Four proposals

The Proposal. John Pettie, R.A. (1839-1893). Oil On Canvas, 1869.

Now that the election is over let us look at four real issues and forget the “vote catcher” version of them.

Education. Without education and a first class version of it we will sink to the status of suppliers of raw materials. First class education means first class teachers, good students and decent facilities. First class teachers and good students can only be available by strict selection criteria. So we must have the courage to fire poor teachers and poor performing students. Rigour is the word. Throwing money at the problem is not. Too much money is already wasted in overheads. We do not need school boards. We must empower principal and teachers. Pay them well (particularly primary and pre-school teachers) Get rid of dead wood in Universities and high schools. Make university education free for good students. Get the “I wont a degree” student pay what it costs. Encourage trades education. We do not need many university graduates. We need good graduates and good plumbers.

Health. Forty percent of the money goes into administration. Forty percent of the pharmaceutical firms goes in marketing. Health does not need more money, health needs brain and honesty. We must reconsider the role of the hospitals. Most people (50-70%) of the hospital patients do not need to be in a hospital. They should be in small, friendly clinics (assessment, maternity, palliative care); small, friendly permanent care units (alzheimer’s, senile, just plain old: 20-30 people per unit, max.),We must review management practices and procurement, get rid of poor management and corruption. Expand and reinforce the front lines, family doctors, local clinic, professional nurses, home care.

We need a system review and redesign, done by outsiders. Please, no more money.

And yes, let us get rid of myths. Everybody must have access to medical care, but if they wish to pay for it, fine. Britain, Italy, France have a mixed system. And they do well.

Environment. How about stopping bullshitting. We are the problem. We consume too much, we waste too much. The leader wants us to consume to keep the economy going.

Which is idiocy and suicide combined. To reduce gas emission is very easy, cut the fuel consumption in half and the trick is done. Are we willing? If so, let us produce a plan. Get all these people who whine on radio, tv, magazines, to suggest real way to reduce fossil fuel consumption. And let us get real, we need nuclear plants.

Freedom. We are loosing our ancestral, hard won freedoms in exchange for security. Which is stupid and the trade is not true. A young lady get killed in Toronto. Reaction: let us ban hand guns. Real solution: get the boys who did shoot receive a public whipping. (Overdone, for dramatic effect). Guns are not the problem. We can kill beautifully with lead pipes, women stocking, kitchen knives, … a brick. Poverty and squalor and lenient sentences are the causes. Poverty and squalor existed on Jane and Finch when I was a candidate in the 1984 federal election !! We just notice it now?

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