Thank you, Mr. Saddam Hussein!

The “age” factor.
February 7, 2016
March 11, 2016

Thank you, Mr. Saddam Hussein!

Former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein reacts as the verdict is delivered during his trial held under tight security in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, Sunday Nov. 5, 2006. Iraq's High Tribunal on Sunday found Saddam Hussein guilty of crimes against humanity and sentence him to die by hanging.    (AP Photo/Scott Nelson, Pool)

Poor Mr. Hussein is accused of many mischief but he has saved, for a while at least, our Canada.

Our gutless elites have been steadily attempting to brings us closer to a merger with the USA.

Attacks to the monarchy, currency union, open borders, and yes, actual merger.

The USA behaviour in the Iraq matter, the brutality shown in dealing with their prisoners, the disregard of their own civil rights have again highlighted the reasons why many of us wish to remain Canadians and refuse the facile arguments of business and small minded politicians.

Canada needs a major overhaul to survive, we have a ridiculous political system where polities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver have no voice, while meaningless PEI can veto major political decisions. We are squandering money to satisfy “one issue” groups – like the gun registry, we are unable to make government stick to the priority services, justice, defence, health, transport, education and allow them to wonder all over the landscape.

Yes, we got problems, but anyhow, thank you Mr. Saddam Hussein.

Carlo Testa

Mar 11, 2003

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